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396 is indeed heat activated. It bloody stinks and the fumes are immense but find me something that sticks rubber and leather better it's literally like shit to a blanket. 

I'll just try glue it with that unless anyone has any other solid suggestions from their experience I will order some new stuff and try. 

You would have thought that by now someone would have invented a contact adhesive that you can just plaster on plastic that sticks plastic like shit to a blanket too. 


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6 hours ago, Tom D said:

my lord do they still make s10 primer or is it an antique tin and do you have a brush nailed through the lid

And that is exactly how I use it. I am old school like that lol. 

The thing that I find is that Gripsotite sticks to plastic very well but then the 396 glue doesn't stick to the primer all that well so unless you lightly roughen up the primer after with a bit of sandpaper it's all a bit useless unless you are doing heels or leather and resin soles stitched on to plastic then it will suffice. 

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396 is not something I would use after trying it ,as for a contact adhesive that sticks plastic to plastic with no problem it has been invented and used fo a number of years before being discontinued as far as I know but do not know why as it was a very good one and would only ever use it for plastic if I could still get it

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Rubbed with thinner. Primed with Gripsotite. Stuck with 396. Stuck quite well tbh. 

The key was leaving the primer and the glue lots and lots of time to dry out before heating activating the glue not too much, not too little. 

On plastic I think too much heat affects the bond much easier. 

Still on the look out for something quicker and stronger :)

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