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On 11/9/2018 at 9:32 AM, kobblers said:

I think I may have these in stock. PM me in the morning to remind me to check.


Hello Rick, I'm looking for these blanks (with the groove on the left while teeth facing up) for a mailbox in the US as well. Do you still have some? I'm assuming the key in the original post and my key would use the same blank. Thank you. 


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6 minutes ago, exp121260 said:

If you are based in the US you can purchase these from Aliexpress 

Search for; 

A106 Right Groove 

A105 Left Groove 

Hi exp121260, I don't know much about keys. Looking at the measurements on aliExpress, the length on those Xinye blanks seems longer than my key although the thickness and width seem right from what I can tell with my crude measurements. Is the length irrelevant? Thank you.

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7 minutes ago, exp121260 said:

These are the correct blanks, you can always shorten the blank, but if I remember correctly you don't even need shorten these as the length is okay. You just need to work out if you need Right Groove or Left Groove . 


Hope this helps! 

Thank you so much! That's very helpful!! Would any locksmith in the US be able to copy them for me if I have the blanks? No special equipment required? I'm going to purchase them on AliExpress now. :)

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