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Happy Dude

Sandblasting a big whisky bottle.

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As it says in the description, I have had an enquiry for engraving a football team logo on a gallon sized whisky bottle which is to be used for charity collecting.

Too big for me and the places in town say it's too big for their machinery.

She has permission from the team to use the logo so no problem with licences etc.

Is there anyone here who would take on this job by mail order??

Or can anyone recommend a trade sandblasting business I could use??

thanks in advance


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Thanks for that Rick,

It seems a bit of a hassle using this method, but....

I've had a brainfart, I'll send her to the sign place along the road and they will be able to make a graphic of the logo in the frosted glass style material and stick that on.

Can't see it not working out.

Thanks for the help


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