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Regent bitting needed

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3 hours ago, grahamparker said:

Same series different code.

Maybe try Henderson code R109 - HEN1 - JMA on the 723 key a gamble

there is no wafer in the lock in 6th position - nope its not there !

 only 5 wafers &  ( 4 depth cut LAST as a rule ) HENDERSON R-SERIES GUIDE

BITTING looks like 223354 - on the 723 above   5 being the deepest cut

744 key would need a pic ! but would try R203  BITTING

R008 - 700

R109 723


chees ringo


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1 hour ago, kobblers said:

That's a different key from a different customer, Graham.

This is the second 700 series number I've had in a week!


Yes i know Rick, i posted it so others could see what you are looking for and the fact it is 6 pin.

Looks like Ringo has given you a possible answer.

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13 minutes ago, kobblers said:


How do I know what codes correspond?



Print the series off  R008 TO R254 - Simply change code numbers  R008 TO 700 till you get to 795 or R254 In sequence

Garage T HANDLE regent 781 key.jpg

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