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Hi i am just starting out in key cutting as an add on to my main hardware business

I thought it was an easy add on

however the key blank permutations is mind boggling i took a bunch of 8 keys out of my pocket and could only find one on my

blank finder tool and even then my key was longer than the blank i had.

Are there any manuals on key cutting and any key blank finder catalogues

also does anyone know anyone who can service or calibrate my tm800 key cutter.

any help and advice  would b a great help.

regards GASEHOUND.

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What is this blank finder tool you speak of ?

Here is a link to a manual for your machine. It will cover operation and all basic maintenance. 

Blank catalogs can be had from your key supplier. Or online from their website.
Silca just released their new 109 catalog. link:
My tip: download as many as you can find. Not all manufacturers cover the same keys.

Like Graham said , this forum is a great place to visit if you're stuck. There are lot of knowledgeable people here that like to help others out.
Graham himself is a great example.


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