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Config Folder Issues - Gravostyle5

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Something strange happened today and some items in my Config folder do not work.   I am running Gravostyle 5200.   I also have Graovstyle 5100.  Would it work, if I was to replace the odd ones with the ones from the 5100. 

The highlighted files are the ones that changed.  Noticeable changes:  Uploaded graphics are now X.  Rulers have vanished.  Trying to fix both in Options under Display gives me the message about the Snap Distance needs to be an integer between 2 and 1000 but no number works to get out of there except cancel.

Thank you.


Issue in Config.jpg

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You need a fresh paramdlg.bdv file from somewhere. 

That solves all the issues. 

After v5.4 there's a button in options to reset it for you but in 5.2 and 5.3 you have to replace the param file. 


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