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Double bit safe blank

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Does anybody recognise this safe key and which is the best blank to use it has the unusual sloped edge which i have never seen before.

The total length of the key is 117mm and the inner gauge was a 7 and the outer gauge a 2 it is fitted onto an old Stratford safe.

Safe 1.jpg

Safe 2.jpg

Safe 3.jpg

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9 hours ago, Amlocks said:

Weirdly the cutout is on the wrong side. 

Does the key turn anticlockwise to open? 

If not then the notch is purely decorative 

No it turns clockwise to open, i have managed to source a kromer blank so going to give it a go with that. Customer is only 1/2 mile away so might remove the lock and have a look before attempting to cut the key.

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