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Ladies Timberland Atrus Tall

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Hi Everyone - Newbie poster... my wife has a pair of Timberland Tall Atrus in leather... they're still great condition but they need a couple of repairs;

One of the brass zips looks like a tooth is mis aligned half way down so the zip splits from time to time - really needs replacing i think and the rugged big tread soles are showing decent wear so wont be far off going through... the boots themselves are great.

We're in Inverness but don't mind posting boots... any recommendations for a timberland repairer or a good boot repairer.

PS local guy wanted to put plastic zips in... there was no discussion, it that or nothing... so hence casting the net further afield.


Thanks Steve. 

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personally i'd replace like for like and even to the point of using the original runner on the new zip! and that back seam could be rectified when replacing the zip as you would need to stitch from inside imho.  ooo sorry i can see now original puller broken still repairable 

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well they are repairable even with the brass teeth and the brown edges timberland are normally a nice easy zip to do as stitching is quiet thick so easy to remove and replace jobs a gooden :) i'm sure there are many users on this forum who could all do this job with there eyes closed... maybe try another repairs? i'm located in Gloucester so i'm bit of a distance from yourself unless you posted them thanks Dean

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so your looking at a replacing two zips and replacing sole unit plus any small stitching jobs around the heel area plus postage and packaging this would cost in excess of £200 

have you tried timberland direct?

there maybe cheaper options (replace the runner if all teeth are there, half sole and heel) but this gives you an idea of what you should be paying for someone with the special skill set to rejuvenate these boots

carry on!

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Hi - Yes. Tried them but got this back; Thank you for your inquiry. Timberland does not currently offer a re-soling, repair, or refurbishing service. We do encourage you to visit a reputable shoe repair service in your area.

Definitely a market out there especially as the manufacturer doesn't want to participate in after care... all you guys/gals with websites - get a dedicated Timberland page on it :)

Thanks all... sorted now.


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