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shoes not collected signage

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4 minutes ago, Forest Cobbler said:

This is what ours says. Probably got it from a supplier back in the year dot. Don't think there is any legal requirement as to wording.

Definitely take payment up front though, it makes a huge difference to how much get left behind.


HAhahaha, i think i gave you that circa 1995 when i worked for Marshall Coppin!

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A quote not my thoughts.


  • The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 provisions apply any time after the goods are ready for collection, subject to any terms imposed at the time the goods were left with you for repair.

    If you are in possession of a customer's goods and he/she is under an obligation to collect them (e.g. because you have repaired the goods for the customer), you are entitled to sell the goods if they remain uncollected and are not otherwise the subject of a dispute. Before doing so, you must satisfy two conditions:

    1. You must first send the owner of the goods written notice of:
  • their obligation to collect the goods;
  • details of the goods to be collected and the address at which they are held;
  • your name and address;
  • details of any sum of money owing in respect of the goods at the time the notice is sent (e.g. repair charges, storage costs).

    This notice may be delivered direct to the owner, left at his proper address or posted to it. The 'proper address' means:
  • in the case of a limited or public limited company, the registered office or principal office;
  • in any other case, the last known address of the owner.

    2. If the notice does not result in collection of the goods, you must send the owner, by recorded delivery post or registered letter:
  • the same information as in the notice above, plus
  • notice of your intention to sell the goods if they remain uncollected, and the date of the intended sale.

    The period between the issue of the second notice and the date of intended sale must be reasonably sufficient for the owner to reclaim the goods. If any money is owed to you, this period must be at least three months.

    If the owner still does not collect the goods by the date stated in your second notice, you can sell them. You must give the proceeds of the sale to the owner of the goods, but you are entitled to keep any money owed to you, including the cost of the sale (e.g. advertising).

    If the owner of the goods is not at the proper address, you can still go ahead with the sale after you have taken reasonable, unsuccessful, steps to trace him/her.
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Even though our sign says 6 months, it's usually several years before we get round to having a proper clear out. And that has paid off a few times when people have come back for something that is still in a box on the highest shelf out the back. 

Some of our customers almost expect us to get rid of their shoes if they haven't come back in a week or two, and will phone to apologise for being late and beg us to keep hold of them for another few days. So they must have heard some horror stories somewhere.

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We started taking upfront payment two and a half years ago and pretty much all our customers understand why.

For those that don't have any money on them or are bringing repairs in for a friend/family member, we take a name and phone number telling them that, if they don't come back, we'll be on the phone hounding them till they do.  

Just wish we'd done it years ago.

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Just take money up front. I have been doing it for 8 years and I get left with nothing on my shelves. Do it some will moan the majority understand why. 8 years ago I had a pile of uncollected repairs and when I added them all up they came to nearly £400. From that day on I thought sod it they pay up front.

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