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Help required urgently! Image to Gravograph file.

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Hi all,

I have spoken to Lee and he has suggested asking the forum for their advice/help.

I was called on Tuesday and asked if I could do some engraving in time for the weekend, it was all a bit vague but I said I should be able to help. He sent through an image of what is required but I can't seem to find the font and he doesn't know either. My only option seems to be to somehow convert the image he's sent to a file that my gravograph M40 will recognise. Unfortunately I only have one of the basic software packages which won't vectorise it for me and I'm unsure of how to get around it.

I traced round the letters and converted it to an eps file but that didn't seem to work.

Literally a few minutes before I shut the door this guy turns up and dumps over 150 of these brass medallions on my counter! 

I don't want to let the guy down as this could become repeat business but I don't know what to do next!

Any suggestions anyone?




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11 minutes ago, Happy Dude said:

can't you just use the times roman font from your package??

It looks hand drawn and the guy might be happier if you did it with an actual font with a diamond between the letters??

This is the line I would take on it and would produce a more professional looking job...

I have suggested a 'proper' font but unfortunately this is the style of writing that they insist on...

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Now just as a matter of interest, how much would everyone have charged for this job?

I reckon I'll spend close to four hours standing at the machine taking the discs in and out, there are 156 of them and I've probably spent a good couple of hours trying to convert files and begging others to help me!

I have agreed a price but I'm interested to see if I've charged too much or sold myself short!

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