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Does anyone run a successful eCommerce site?

We have a couple that we have tried over the years and had limited success. Both have had loads of time and more importantly money thrown at them to not only make them look good but on SEO and Google ads to try and get up the rankings. Yet all that money has still left us on page two of Google otherwise known as Googles graveyard.

I'm not really sure what I am asking help with, except for whether i should keep chucking money at SEO or Goggle ads or just walk away.

I've even had a dabble with Ebay and Amazon but to be honest i don't fancy being a busy fool so given up on those type of sites.

Surely someone is making good money from online sales?


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This is probably the hardest thing to get right, one of my brothers has a really good eBay account which the feedback is somewhere around 40,000 last time I looked and talking to him he gats more business on his web biz from people who visit whilst buying off of eBay - when they go to the checkout he has the page similar to the bay one and for some reason they buy more whilst there - most don't .

He also links everything else to his web page, facebook linked in twitter etc.


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I set up an e-commerce site which include online slot booking for bike servicing, online booking for bike box hire but the page that’s most successful is a used bikes page because we link to bikes on Facebook groups and now on a local level it’s constantly being looked at and referred too. It’s a case of thinking outside the box sometimes.

i didn’t look at cracking a national market but focused on a local one. 

Its upscalable as I grow. I used free software and it only cost me a couple of days work to set up.




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Now, more people are earning on e-Commerce, but you need to understand that you can earn a lot of money thanks to this, but you need to know this area too. Not everyone can earn on e-Commerce because everything needs to be thought through here. What kind of product do you want to sell, will people buy this product from you, and what profit will the sale of, for example, 1000 products bring you, and so on... I managed to implement all my plans in e-Commerce because I had been planning everything for a long time. I was also lucky that I stored my goods not in Amazon but in another fulfillment house, which also became my fulfillment provider domestic usa.

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I have been working in this domain for some years now, and I have quite an experience. I understand your frustration, and it must be very hard to keep going when you see different opportunities fail. If you want a good eCommerce website to guide you, it's better to focus on the less popular ones. I have been using https://transformagency.com/ for some years, and I think it's the best. Of course, there are a ton of others that are extremely popular, but this was the only one that could gain my trust and make me loyal to their services.

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