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rolex damaged

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I have a rolex oyster that is quite badly damaged the face has come off and it does not tick over (it was less that 6 months old) before it came into contact with a wall.

I have taken it somewhere local that said they could not do it.

Sent off to rolex who wanted just as much to repair as a brand new one.

any one you can recommend? 

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I don't repair Rolexs, I redirect customers  to "Piccadilly Watch Repairs" at Piccadilly circus. They seem to specialize on the high end brands. 

Or you could check the British horology website, BHI.org.uk.   That should give you details if a top quality repairer nearer you.

If the casing is damaged, it probably will have to go to Rolex.

No matter where it goes, it's not going to be a cheap repair, I'm afraid.

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