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Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

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I had built an RFID standalone Paxton Bullet fob and Card Copier, 

I was originally going to sell it directly to the end user but it was too unreliable as here were issues with the antenna and circuit boards which I had made.

There is now a reliable but more expensive machine available through the sole distributors.

Fortress Lock & Safe co. In Brixton


Really sorry about this.



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2 hours ago, Onisan2000 said:

I have now had built an RFID standalone Paxton Bullet fob and Card Copier, 

I will be selling the units at £250 with 5 free fobs.

Additional fobs will be either £4.50 for an exact copy of the bullet fob or £2.20 for a generic flat fob.

Please contact me on here or by email if you are interested.




Do you have any videos of this working?  If not, any photos?  Does it do all the different colours of paxton fobs as listed on your website?

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It does all the colours and I will make a video next week with it working etc.

there are a few companies that use the Paxton shaped bullet fobs and there are three types it doesn’t work with.

1: a bullet fob with a black ring, very rare, I’ve had one in 3years.i can’t remeber the company that uses these.

2. PAC GDX use this fob and it is not clonable, my machine will let you know when this is presented. I get around 3 a year.

3. Advanced access systems use a bullet fob with a grey ring. This can be copied by the smart card deluxe machine.

i hope this helps.


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On 9/8/2018 at 7:13 PM, Mick Friend said:

well then bang goes another secure entry system - hope you don't get a court writ for copying a fob  

Not too sure why you would think a court writ could be issued as most locksmiths copy a range of fobs already and we have been doing so for many many years.

It's just like copying a key. Also Most entry systems are not secure they are touted as such by the access management companies in the hope that Security by obscurity is enough to get their product to market.

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It does all of the Paxton fobs, Blue, Yellow, Green and Red.

There is a Black Ringed Fob that it can't copy but I've only ever seen one of these so far.

A grey Ring Fob that is can't copy but this can be copied on the Smartcard Deluxe as it is an EM Fob.

THere is another company called PAC GDX That use a Paxton type fob which cant be copied but the copier will notify you if the fob is a PAC GDX Fob.

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1 hour ago, Onisan2000 said:

Hi Rick,

When I chose to message westjr71 I can fill in the subject but the message item will not allow me to type a message, only upload a file.... very strange.

if I go to PM you I can actually type a message.

I think it's probably a setting.

This isn't the first time I have heard of this PM problem. It happened to me a few weeks ago and then fixed itself...I have contacted technical support to see if I can get this glitch fixed once and for all.


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