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Damuzhi post box key

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29 minutes ago, kobblers said:

I have these. How many do you need?

We got ours from aliexpress.


Hi Rick,


Thanks for the reply.  there's no rush on these as the customer said it wasn't that important so ill just order from aliexpress to have them in stock.  Do you have the link or the sellers name?



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30 minutes ago, exp121260 said:

How many you need? 

Just had one customer looking for one for a post box, I think i've managed to adapt something else to fit.  I'll find out Monday.   As it happens I've got the one in the original post, but it's got no markings on it to identify where it came from

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Someone selling them on ebay ( UK based) 5 blanks for £7.50 + £ 1.50 delivery. ( Ebay Item No 300565762885)

I have ordered mine from Aliexpress, it took while to arrive (before the lockdown). 

On Aliexpress these are llisted as A106 Right Groove  & A105 Left Groove 

Cost $7.50 for 25 pieces . 

Hope that helps 

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