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Shaving soap/razor blades

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I've just emailed David Macdonald at the Leeds' warehouse to see if he has any old stock left that's not listed on the site or inventory.

It's a long shot but it just might work as a few years ago I was selling the Zoom umbrellas they had and they were shifting rapidly until they became obsolete. After emailing him, I found that they had over 500 left at the warehouse which I subsequently purchased.

I'll let you know.



EDIT: he's away until the 3rd of September but will reply when he's back.

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Got a lead for you. I emailed Chris Wilson at Birch, too:


Apologies for the delay in my reply as I was away last week.

Yes we have a fair bit of shaving stock left which as you say we have now discontinued and so we shall be pleased to offer great deals.

Please let me know how you want to proceed?  We can mark up a catalogue with quantities and prices if that would help.


Many thanks




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