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These machines are doing more

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yes ive noticed this like all new technology this is only the 1st stage ,notice this one does any 3 keys for a tenner, unlike the one in my local morrisons and dosent require the operator to select the blank, also nobody ever sed to ask me how much they do now, my advice match it , ido and my moneys is up, see for a supermarket the machine takes up 2 foot square , its very profitable

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I'm not too worried about these. As far as I see it, vending machines haven't put cafes and sweet shops out of business and the've been out for decades.

We have them in ASDA and Morrisons, and people still come to us, as,1) they're nervous about using the machines, and, 2) they prefer the interaction and the ability to try and haggle to get them even cheaper :twisted: 3) they can't get keyrings or key caps from them.


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Feedback seems to be they are poor. As Kobblers said, people don't like using them. I would say though, vending machines tend to be the same price or more than sweet shops, but I still don't see them as a threat. And I'm not interested on matching them for price, most key cutters offer a far more comprehensive service.


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They took the one out of the asda closest to me and the staff point folk in my direction, I think they were fed up with the complaints.

The sainsburys along from me have a Johnsons cutting keys but only 1 or 2 in there know what to do and the others send them to me for anything other than a straight yale.

The only thing is the hagglers,

"£10 for three keys in asda"

why are you in here then??

"I got them and they did not work"

Mine are £10 for three keys that don't work, £13.50 for three at actually will work.  

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