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Yale superior cut from picture

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I have looked again at the photos and i think i have found the problem.

I only looked at the first few photos and not the last ones as they seemed good enough but now looking again the C cuts look different on each side of the key.

I originally decoded the key as

A 2322

B 332

C 2121 but the last photo it looks like it could be 2131

I have already cut 4 keys without success so i have had one final go at

A 2322

b 332

c 2131

It will be in the post today and will hopefully be ok.

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LOL hahaha. I wish I was advanced as you two. 

Mate, if you don't mind post me all the possible combinations and I am happy to give you double the money as customer is also happy to pay.

If your only going to post one at a time instead of two then put a marker on them so I can let you know which one works for an additional copy. 

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So I give up!  I have tried a number of times to cut the key above and have had no success.  Used decode on the machine, plus the suggested code above (reversed) and tried a full recalibration of the machine and now I will have to refund the customer.

Any suggestions welcome ut I think the Futura is just not up to the job for some reason.  I have had really mixed results with these.



2018-10-10 13.53.41.jpg

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