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Yea, me, I've broken the bezel on a fake Chanel watch. ( got the customer to clearly state it was a fake, before taking it on, about the only thing I've done right in this situation.)

     Now while I believe legally I can just say tough, I've broken it so I'm liable. I'm thinking, it's just not a viable repair, so valuing the watch as an unbranded ( or a sekonda) ceramic watch puts it at a value of about £50. Any thoughts anyone?

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Customer sorted. Explained the situation, settled on £40. She says she feels bad about taking it, but she has got more jobs for me. Told her you live and learn, not to worry about it, these things can happen. I'm sure to make back that money from her. ( recently she had spent £35 on several watch batteries).

Good to deal with the situation and not lose the customer.

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