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Trend, Swatkins and Cebrian all offer excellent customer service.

We do use Glenway quite a lot too, because they have trophies that our customers want to buy. Yes their customer service attitude does occasionally leave a bit to be desired, especially in response to an email. Phoning them has a better effect. But we've not had any major issues, certainly nothing I would stop using them for. What our customers want has to take precedence over anything else. 

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And when bad service from said company loses said customers?

I emailed the MD (Tim) and got this reply:

"I’m out the country at the moment. I will make sure someone who like me cares about customer service , gets back within 30 minutes 
Apologies if I was in the office it would have been sorted by me personally 

I responded saying they would get in touch quick when they wanted money. I got an email 30 mins later saying they were looking into it and would get back to me. The next contact I had was the bill. I forwarded it to Tim with "I was saying?...." on the 1st August.

Nothing back yet.

I have lost a big customer due to this.

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14 minutes ago, Forest Cobbler said:

As yet we have not lost any customers, big or otherwise, due to Glenway or any other supplier. 

Maybe that's just our good luck.

But I do think that, when it's an important problem like this, it's better to phone rather than email.


Several phone calls. First on the morning the first order arrived with missing items and no engraving plates. The second call the day after, when the same wrong engraving plates arrived  (that was on the morning of the school assembly) the third call when it arrived with the very same wrong plates. I was told someone would get back to me and sort it out. This happend the next 3 days. Rang, "we'll get back to you" and nothing.

Much better to phone?  Tell them that !!


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