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Another Window key assistance~!

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44 minutes ago, Count Muppet said:

Looks like a cheap padlock key. Wouldn’t surprise me if they have been using this in place of the original because they didn’t know what else it was for

Would agree it looks like a small padlock key. Try you Tri-circle range.

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You're  right , it looks like a cheap Chinese padlock key which I usually  cut on one of the TL  blanks, but she said it's for window and I thought  if window, possibly I can get some pre cut ones.  

I was told it is for a  few rented property windows, the tenant  lost all the keys and this key is originally for landlords own  house  windows but apparently it does open the rented property windows as well. 

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On 7/22/2018 at 12:52 PM, Growster said:


This lovely firm has a service on Facebook, where you just upload a photo of a handle, and they tell you, which key to buy. Of course, this only works in one-key-fits-all scenarios.

Tried it once, no complaints yet from the end-user.


Nigel Waters at NW hardware is very much the same with all upvc mechanisms and handles, you send a photo and some measurements and he can usually identify and in a lot of cases supply you even with obsolete stuff.

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