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Had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. But in her defense , it was a young girl and she meant to say padlock. Had a good laugh at it.

What does get on my nerves is when they hand you a key with a big Toyota logo on it, you ask what is it to and the they reply "a Toyota".
I meant what model , what year. 
Even had a young guy pull this with a Porsche key. Turned out he didn't even know what model it was. I had to force myself not to say "So you don't know what model Porsche daddy has ?!?"

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Occasionally  if I'm in the mood  I get a customer that asks if I cut keys & I say No ..that fact that I have 3 x 4ft keys in the window & signs saying keys cut here & thousands of keys on the wall means nothing :) .

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