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outsole and blaking

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just wondering for you guys who have these machines, 

I am getting lots more people coming into my shop to do trade stitching and even customers who have had there shoes repaired elsewhere when the repairer hasn't stitched the soles on

we charge £5 each pair, and for customer's we charge £9-99.   i'm thinking of putting the prices up, or am I just being greedy?


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Your prices are the same as mine,£5 is fair,only one moaned when I put it up 2 years ago.

had a customer in a while ago who brought his shoes in and said the person who repaired them said if I brought them into you you’d stitch them,didn’t even know the repairer???? Still charged them

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I would charge trade a tenner a pair, a customer £15. It's the investment I've made on my machines to do the job correctly. If my competitor doesn't like my prices they can invest in their business.  I would also hope that the customer would come & use myself in the future to get the job done right. Might sound a bit harsh but i'm not a fan of finishing off other peoples jobs.


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A couple of rules I used to apply whenever I stitched for the Trade were:


I will stitch your shoes, no one uses my machine!

I will groove your shoes as I know my groover is set to my machine (very important)

Lastly, you will pay me to do it (£5 per pair back in 2002 when I finished shoe repairing)


Never had a problem with Trade stitching :-)

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