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Customer lost his key to both these locks. 

Silca UL059 fits for these, but I can't get the cores to come out so need to somehow be able to know what the teething on the keys looks like.. 

I was hoping someone could somehow look this up for me? First one is 1059, the other is 1046. 

I know I should up my game and buy a machine that's able to cut to code, but as I'm just starting out for now I don't have the budget for it.. 


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The locks look like Hekna to me.

HN1 is the correct blank , also matches the codes.

I would not advice to use the UL blank , as it may give problems if the lock is masterkeyed. 

The bitting for these codes:

1046: 34412

1059: 42132

Depth: 1: 6.6mm / 2: 6.1mm / 3: 5.6mm / 4: 5.1mm

Positions: 1: 3.5mm/ 2: 6.3mm/3: 9.1mm/ 4: 11.9/ 5:14.7mm

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