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Have a nose around my shop

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I got the keys to my new shop 11 months ago, moved in the middle of December.

It's been slow, frustrating and expensive.  Did almost all the work myself, the counter is 3 scaffold boards, wood in the window is from my old infant's school, Glass partition from ebay, shelving units and glass shelves from ebay.  fitted the ceiling myself. 

Had a gas explosion when the gas man soldered off the end of a live gas pipe (pipes had been routed from my shop to next doors flat)

Glue and spray booth all ducted out of the roof.

The glass is 10mm thick and seals floor to ceiling, no dust going through to the retail part

Massive catering steel sink for scrubbing and steam cleaning.

Full new electrics.

Full new central heating.

 And most importantly a 3 seat sofa, coffee machine & microwave.

Almost there now though just can't find any bloody thing.


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On 6/5/2018 at 3:37 PM, grahamparker said:

Looks great, needs more padlocks though.

I do, it's taking me ages to put the tiny nut & bolt through the hangers to stop people nicking them.

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