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Something I thought only happened to other people.

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A few months ago, there was a thread (which i can't find)about a customer and a cobbler where the wrong shoes had been given out. I was a bit quick off the mark, saying he was immediately  liable, others  on the forum, saying give it time to resolve itself, and we all can make mistakes.

   So anyway, I've just done that. Dropped the ball big time, realized it within a minute of him leaving the shop. Most annoyingly, my next customer was really, really dithering, so I  was unable to chase after him.

     Luckily I dropped him a text ( I take all repair customer's mobile numbers) and he came back within half an hour. He was a true gent about the misunderstanding ( he is a regular), and the other customer was none the wiser.

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Yes, but he inspected them quite thoroughly. He was very happy with the job. But I had written the wrong repair ref on the bag. It's was only when he checked the brand and said " oh , they are Barkers." When I was filing away the receipts, I saw they should be Sterling Hunts and the only other gents shoes for collection were Barkers did the penny drop.

 When he came back he did say, " I had wondered where the embossing on the toes had gone!"

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