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Black infill for engraved brass memorial plate

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Is the Mastergrave paint @Gray linked Cellulose based?

(They sell Cellulose Thinners "for use with Mastergrave's filler paints", which implies the paint is, but its not explicit)

I've used wax in the past (pita), recently used acrylic paint mixed with a bit of water to thin it down a tad, that turned out nice
but I'm reading that Cellulose is better. 


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I just PM'd ironplanet a question, then realised that he doesn't post so often these days, so I'll copy/paste the question here 

"I see in an ancient thread about engraved plaques, you're using some syringe for the infill. I've only used small brushes so far. 


Lovely job. Where's best to buy appropriate syringes? (Being based in Glasgow, I could get plenty for free off the ground if I didn't mind having the Hepatitis alphabet)
And how thin should your paint be? i've ordered Mastergrave's paint and thinners, still waiting on that to arrive. Can you rinse out a syringe with spirits to reuse?


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If you want my advice (I'm not saying i'm right but i've done hundreds of brass signs) use the Mastegrave paint.

Before you mount it on the wood simply pour a small amount onto the plaque and move it around with a rubber scraper into all the gaps, wipe of as much excess as possible with the scraper. then leave it to dry (over-night ideally).

With the thinners wipe of all the excess, i put the round pet tag into a cloth and dip that into thinners, rub gently over excess. This should leave the black paint in the engraved areas. A simple polish at the end should have the plaque finished.

Hope that all makes sense. Any problems feel free to inbox me and i'll try and explain better.

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As Paul says...but you can use meths to clean off cellulose paint, it's gentler and doesn't pull the paint out of the engraving.  Pantograph Services do small plastic jars of cellulose in about 5 colors and blacking fluid.  Flexi plastic glue spatulas for spreading.  Phil is your man, he spent hours and hours filling and cleaning brass.

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