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Basic Key Stamping / Engraving Methods?

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Hi, I am currently stamping keys manually with letter and number stamps and while its cheap, easy and quite quick I am looking at other ways of doing this to save time and to make the job look more professional.

Does anyone have any ideas what would be worth looking at. I'm not wanting anything super technical or expensive just something that is quick and effective.

Things I have been looking at are dot peen systems and smaller cnc engravers but I am open to any ideas you have.

Has anyone got a home made system they would like to share?

Any information would be gratefully received.


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1 -davenport burgess made a stamp for me, with my company name on - some years ago,

this was one line of very small text 

then you could stamp your own second line underneath or a second stamp

2 -hand dentist type of thing with little practise, you can easily write your message on from cousins

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