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Howdy Folks from across the pond,

A locksmith in New York is inquiring about some what I think are Hoppe locks per his photos showing the logo on the lever handle

He is trying to  determine key way / key  blank, and space & depth and the codes if they are available,

1 photo close up of his cylinder in lever with code with Hoppe logo,

1 photo of his mounted lock assembly,

1 photo... I think of correct  key & cylinder I found on line...,

He is trying to determine key blank,  & a published code series if possible, or at least correct Space & Depth and key blank,

I appears to be a wafer lock similar to their window locks I think,

He is looking for code numbers,  M007, M019, M030, M031,

...I am assuming it is a Zero and not an O (oh) since Instacode shows a Silca BAS4R, with 9 cuts for these codes though it may not be the right blank or code series...

Any questions ??

Thanking You In Advance

***added better photo of logo***


Hoppe 22.jpg

Hoppe 11.jpg


Hoppe better logo.jpg

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Thank You,

And I apologize for taking so long to get back,

Well it appears per the Hoppe Representatives here and in Canada that they cannot help us after several emails & phone calls, since these locks are apparently not part of the US / Canada based sales system,

I did some more searching and found the locks are part of what is called the Hoppe Compact System (HCS),

And that the cylinder/ plug assembly once inserted is non removable,

And that the key blank you suggested may be the correct one looking at the photo but will not know till the locksmith in New York post farther information,

Acquiring the blanks to try  will be difficult here, though we do have a possible source for some JMA equivalent blanks here in the US,

I think ... but without lock in hand as it is 3000 miles distant ... that some of the motorcycle keys or other double sided blanks may fit or be modified to fit,

Silca EKC gives me dimensions of the HPP1 & HPP1R and says it is a 5 cut key, & Instacode gives 2 different cutting specs for them, both 7 cuts where I think the photo I see either 5 or 7 cuts, hard to tell,




Again Thank You For Your Response,

I will update as is posted on our forums but will be awhile I think before I hear back from him,

Thank You Again



Hoppe Cylinder.jpg

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The locksmith in New York purchased one of these locks with keys on eBay and it arrived today, 

it is the same lock, key & code series,

he will go through blanks and or modify some to see what can be made to work,

since  we can not it seems, acquire blanks or keys cut to code from across the pond so far,

Pretty sure he will find or make something to work,

Again Thank You for your help, it is much appreciated



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