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mobile auto locksmith (business for sale )

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I am selling my auto locksmith business with a 2008 renault master van and all the equipment complete with key cutting equipment key programming equipment and diagnostic equipment and quite a few thousand domestic Auto and motorcycle keys sussex uk looking for £8500 for it all As you can see most of my stuff are Chinese copies but this reflected in the price ,M-8, programmer with 600 token on it , sp diagnostics and key programmer will need subscription for updates ,.t300., Sbb,. jma trs-5000 evo cloner Autoboss diagnostic machine .key diy An-sam tibbie/jag key cutting machine, sec-e9 cutting machine, hps blitz, ilco orion copier machine. Some remotes and chips and quite a few keys + everything you see in the van apart from a few general tools, sorry this is for sale as one unit will not split it up  Less










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Hi, can you advise if your kit is still for sale?

Can you further advise if you think this would make a viable business for someone recently made redundant?  Any info you could give would be appreciated. If your kit has been sold I would still value your opinion on what you thought of locksmithing as a way of making a living.

I would be operating in the North of Scotland.


Donald Paterson

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