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Standard Heel Attacher,Victor No.75 & Singer Patcher 29K71, Vintage leather cutter, Eyelet Stamp

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Hi the welt roller has been sold already today. Too be honest I didn’t know what the cutter was called so I looked around and vintage ones are normally called slivers, but if it is called a ranger I’ll change the listing. :)

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On 3/21/2018 at 7:09 PM, clactoncobbler said:

Hi can’t remember if I have replied but it is still available. 

That's a shame about the roller, I'm clearing out any old machines and tools that I don't need. I'm scaling down, this town has been swamped with 2 Simpsons in 2 supermarkets in the last 3 years and even though I'm just off the main streets, footfall has gone done dramatically. I do about 30 pairs a month compared to 1000 a month 10 years ago. So after me doing it for 31 years and the shop being family owned for 51 years I'll be closing at the end of the year.

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