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lock out tag out key blanks

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3 minutes ago, grahamparker said:

Your not supposed to be able to cut them, most LOTO padlocks only come with 1 key to stop the lock being removed by anyone other than the key holder.

I thought that was the case. In this instance the lock is on a machine and the company wants to give a key to each shift. They originaly had 10 but have lost them over the years. They are a large electrical contractors so I assume ythey know what they are doing, maybe the answer is a new padlock .

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In a previous life I attended a 4day course run by a Royal Navy investigator who helped to piece together the causes of the Piper Alpha Disaster.

Lockouts (or lack of them), Registers and shoddy hand overs between shift changes had an absolutely massive contribution to the disaster. 

I've also witnessed a few nasty things happen in engine plants and  factories when Lockouts were mis-used by someone who thought they knew better.

It sounds like your customer has found a short cut. 

It will eventually bite someone on the bollocks.

Of course management will then say they had no idea this was going on.


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