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New movement for a Lorus

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I'd be interested to know how much those of you who do movement replacements on site, would charge for doing a Lorus watch with a VX32E movement.


I'm not confident with doing movement replacements myself at the moment so generally send everything to Jevon & Stanley, who are great, but it does mean we have to add special delivery postage both ways on to the bill. Which often pushes the price too far beyond what the customer is prepared to pay.


I'm thinking that it might be worth getting some training and doing at least some basic replacements here.


Thanks, Valerie

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While I may charge £15/20 for a very basic pc21 or 2035 movement in a cheap watch, I normally aim at a £40/£50 price for most other watches that I do in house, this is nearly irregardless of the cost price of the movement. The fact is most watches are repaired for sentimental, or aesthetic, reasons and not economic ones

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