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Stanley Mishap

Omega - usually I`d run to the hills....

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My mate`s Omega Diver 300 is 2 years old and running 6 seconds slow a day...


Omega`s remit for a free tweak is +/- 10 seconds ....otherwise its £400 to take a look


I had it for a week and sussed that if you put it on a demagnetiser CROWN OUT and tap for a second ....it`ll gain 5 seconds a day


similarly if you tap it on a demagnetiser for a second CROWN IN ....it`ll drop 5 seconds a day


got it to +2 seconds a day ,which is easy for him to regulate by just popping out the crown once a day for 2 seconds...


my mate now owes me £400.... (or a pint)


hope one day this might be of use to someone....cheers



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