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Safe Key - pipe 7g

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I really should have took more photos but maybe someone can help.  I'm looking for a key to do an unidentified safe.  The internal pipe is 7 gauge so I ordered - https://nwkeys.co.uk/Product/7g-pipe-safe-3-4-ts067-7


However the key is too thick externally to go into the safe (see photo- left key)  The one I need is the one on the right.


The one I ordered has an external gauge of 3... I think the original was an external gauge of 4.  NW cant help..SKS don't reply to emails. Does anyone know if its possible to get a thinner key with a pipe gauge of 7.




safe 7 g.jpg

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Buy a smaller gauge and drill out to size that's what i have done in the past.


cheers...never don't that before. u don't think there's a ready to go blank that will suit?

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