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Dont think they do, but if u order 12mm, 18mm, 20,mm in black and brown to begin with then 22, 24 and 16mm get u started,remember straps start from 6mm to 30mm in 2 mm increments and by the time you have ordered all in black brown tan and white you are talking nearly 1000 pound, so i would say start with fast sellers and build your stock

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On 1/6/2018 at 9:25 AM, grahamparker said:

We use Condor always get great service.




Tel 020 8370 4300



It might just be me but I've tried multiple times to have a look at the stock but can't seem to find a way to view.

Been onto the stockist sign in page but as I'm not previously a customer i can't so tried looking for a new member sign up but there doesn't appear to be an option?

Any help guys?


I've always had my straps from Birchs so using Condor direct would be great.

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yes i noticed it, so for my base price strap i switched to cousins..

condor website is useless and makes me spend more with cousins, as i cant be bothered calling all the time, i only use condor for batteries now as cousins charge ridiculous amount on postage if you include batteries in you order..

lbs and condor seem to post them fine 

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