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Happy New year!

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My goals for work in 2017 where......


>Side window decorated

>Shop front rejuvenated

>Shop floor and walls decorated

>New bike workshop area

>Shoe repair area freshened up

>New interior signs and lighting




Managed everything except the “shop front rejuvinated” my Son and I wrote this list last Christmas and we had a good year refitting the shop and have increased turnover 15% after a few years in decline so we aren’t back where we where but finally I’m heading in the right direction again!

So have a great 2018 my friends, enjoy your families and friends and if your in the duldrums as I was, write a list. Simple steps that will keep your energies up whilst in work. If your not in the doldrums and are on a business high remember to never believe your own hype and continue to water the plant.


Have a great 2017.



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here you go then a short vid and some pics - weather has been against me - but I have the church to do and the inside as well .Hopefully the village halls in and out as well. Great fun amd I now have a FULL CAA permission for commercial operations and £5mil cover

keeps me young


This is my "keeps me young" (mid life crisis toy)..............  8)  8)



s-l1600 (1).jpg

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