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One to i decided to avoid.

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Telephone Customer" Can you fit a glass and hands back in a watch?"

Me" I can probably replace the glass and refit the hands, what kind of watch is it?"

"A vintage mechanical gents watch"

"No, it would probably need a service, and I don't service mechanicals any more."

( life is much better since just stopping all mechanical repairs)

" it's never had or needed a service, just pop the old glass on and fit the hands on, I dropped it and the hands and glass fell off."

"Definetly not"

I redirected him to a specialist, and prepared him for a larger bill than he expected.

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more like a serial fiddler  , I had an uncle like that  used to take the  back off the telly ( to replace the valves )  he must have spent more money  paying to have his balls ups  fixed than he saved,  once the kitchen table was an 8th of an inch out so he took a  saw too it  , he ended up with a large coffee table

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