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Unusual TrioVing D12 Blanks

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Hi all,


A customer has come in with a TrioVing D12 key... with a twist.


Instead of the usual 6-letter code, it has a 7-digit number on it (1812320). On top of this, the blank is similar but different to the usual D12 blank that one encounters in the UK.


The profile is slightly different, and the blank I'm after has a couple of built-in cuts in a row just above the row of regular cuts.


I have attached four pictures:


- Front and back of the blank I need adjacent to the standard UK blank

- A closeup of the key I'm after

- A cuttlefish bone. Cross is the UK blank, tick is the blank I need


I know I can probably get this key from Norway, but I'd rather keep it cheap and cheerful.


Any thoughts, chaps?





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