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Simon Touch Mercedes Benz Kit

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For sale, full Mercedes kit as detailed:


It is brand new, never used still in its kit box as supplied from 3d. This is on sale on their site for just over 3k with vat, am looking for offers over 2k.


Please pm me if interested.


The ability to read all EIS/EZS types via IR/OBD/CAN and K-Line on the table (to do this please ensure you also have MBSTC1 testing cables) or in the car. This kit has the MBSTC1 testing cables


S-CLASS    W221 2005 - 2013
S-CLASS    W220 1999 - 2005
CL-CLASS  W215 1999 - 2005
CL-CLASS  W216 2005 - 2013
CLS-CLASS W218 2012 - 2013
SL-CLASS   W230 2002 - 2013
C-CLASS    W204 2007 - 2013
A-CLASS     W169 2004 - 2013
B-CLASS     W245 2005 - 2013
G-CLASS     W463 2002 - 2013
SLK-CLASS W171 2004 - 2013
R-CLASS     W251 2005 - 2010
M-CLASS     W164 2004 - 2010
M-CLASS     W166 2009 - 2013
GL-CLASS   X164 2005 - 2013
VITO/VIANO W639 2004 - 2013
SPRINTER   W906 2004 - 2013
C-CLASS      W203 2003 - 2007
CLK-CLASS W208 1997 - 2002
CLK-CLASS W209 2003 - 2008
C-CLASS      W202 1997 - 2002
C-CLASS      W210 1997 - 2002

Read EIS/EZS via IR/CAN/OBD/k-line to provide the data needed for key/ESL calculation (hashes).

Programme keys to Mercedes (Motorola) types with or without a working key.

Read upto 90% of passwords directly from the (Motorolla) ELS:
HC08- 70-90%,
HC012 - 10-20%

Read password/programme keys for HAVANA/AMAZONAS PALERMO EIS with black or chrome key versions 51 & 57.

Renew and programme all Motorola/NEC (versions 11,21,28,35,40,41,51 and 57).

Create a grey key to programme a new EIS if the car (with NEC EIS) has no keys at all or has a new BGA key.

Repair the key hash life time counter even for a new BGA Key.

Activate, deactivate or personalise an EIS and also enable and/or disable keys via the IR programmer.

EIS reading/writing of additional information via CAN/OBD/IR.

The SKC (Simon Key Calculator) works with SKC software and with the Simon Touch MB all-in-one software. The device can calculate keys in seconds!

Read the password,key number or hash counter from NEC with key versions 51 & 57 using the IR programmer.

Renew/programme all Motorola/NEC (versions 11,21,28,35,40,41,5157) via the ZIF socket.

NEC V.51 & V.57 password key reader using the adapter board.

Read, erase or write all Motorola keys using the adapter board.

Read, write, erase and/or programme the password for BE/EB/aftermarket keys (all versions) via the IR.                                 

Read the password, SSID, hash counter and/or service hash from new grey BGA keys.

Create a grey key to programme or personalise a new EIS without the need for the Star Diagnostics tool. 

Read the key status, version and/or frequency of original, BE and aftermarket keys via the IR programmer.

Quickly renew all ESL/ELV types (used, blocked and unrepairable).

Renew used and unrepairable (blocked) ESL without the need for dealership passwords or tokens. This function works offline on all ESL types (NEC and Motorola) including W204, W207,W209,W211,VITO and Sprinter.

Read, erase and/or write Motorola ESLs using the adapter board.

Read or write the NEC ELS VIN, odometer reading, part number, production date etc using the adapter board or k-line.

Programme a new ESL/ELV/emulator with unlimited calculations without tokens or dealer pass.

7G resetting ETC (722.9) by OBD/CAN to factory settings without the loss of SCN coding.

ISM resetting by OBD/CAN to factory settings without the loss of SCN coding.

Renew engine control and airbag units.

Reset the mileage of new EIS types via CAN(on table) or OBD (in the car) to zero.

Change EIS odometer readings via CAN (on table) or OBD (in the car) to zero.


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