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Hoppe framless glass lever lock, key blank, code series ??

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Howdy Folks,


Been a while since I was here,


we have member here looking for compatible Key Blank,


code series information and Space & Depth information,


I have checked Instacode, Blackhawk Codes and Genericode with no luck so far,


I am thinking either Euro Lock or Lowe & Fletcher has similar blank profiles in the Silca Catalog, but do not have the key so see for sure,


Codes on locks are,










photo of cut one cut key and a photo of the lock I think he is dealing with,


Looks  somewhat like a Hoppe Window lock key to me...


I did post for him to contact Hoppe for information and a few other Hoppe dealers here in the USA as well


Thanking  You In Advance

Hoppe 1.JPG

Hoppe 2A.jpg

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