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Any skipping rope repair specialists out there?

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Customer came in with a broken skipping rope and asks me to repair it. I switched into " I give you a bit of advice, but I won't, I repeat WON'T get drawn into this repair!". She says, "Maybe I should take it to a specialist skipping rope shop?" "I very much doubt that exists!" I thought to myself. She went away after I explained a small washer should correct it. Well after I explained what a washer was and where you buy them!

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We had a toy garage in for batteries because the customer "didn't have a man about the house anymore". She also brought in a toy teapot lid to have the knob stock back on, and a couple of clocks for AA batteries.


I thought all of that was bad enough, but we've never been asked to repair a skipping rope. Well done for not laughing in her face.

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I fixed a parachute harness when I was 18..................


Never did find out if it held...........


I wonder if he had these last words: 'that f^&*ing cobbler!'



I Have an image of him trying to frantically post a bad Google review whilst plummeting at 200 mph.
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I suppose we should take it as a compliment that they think we can repair anything and everything!! lol.


I don't mind having a go at an unusual request - it's just when they can't seem to take 'NO' for an answer and nigh on bully

you into trying to do it!


'Can't you just do this' 'Can't you just do that'

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I once had a very aggressive guy demanding, not asking, that I fixed his sunglasses. I was doing a long sole at the time and had a shoe in one hand and my sole hammer in the other.


I normally have a lot of patience, but about after 10 minutes, I just put my hamer on the counter and said “unless you want me to hit them with that, I can’t do anything”


Never saw him again.

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