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programmable front door key fobs

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I have one of these does almost everything I have been asked for.



takes longer to get the machine out than it does to copy the fob.

I would you recomend that you find out what the local housing companies are using then check out the machines.

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I clone most of the basic  local fobs on the RW4 plus (use sks SCD-FOB), just treat as a normal transponder key.

That’s great info Dave, I have a RW4+ box, most of the ones I get asked for are the disc type of the teardrop shape.


Worth getting a couple of the SKS SCD fob to try,



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according to ... http://www.doorfobs.com/  they can clone paxton fobs 100% by post so there must be a solution... maybe a paxton unit is required to sniff the data ... like the snoop on the rw4?  would all the paxton sniff data be the same?  ps... im way over my head here, so if im talking nonsense, i apologise in advance 

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The Smartcard Deluxe will copy around 45% of the fobs used in the UK, these are Indala, Prox11, Atmel and T5557 style 125Khz chips.

It can copy all these to a standard writable fob which you can pick up with the machine at SKS, Davenport, Fortress etc. Of course you are going to pay a premium unless you speak Russian in which case you can buy the Russian version from rmxlabs.ru (who build both) for significantly less.


http://www.doorfobs.com/  are specialists and as such copy 98% of the fobs used in the UK, more than any other company at this time. Of course that will change over time as more people get RFID savvy.

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