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How can I clean these Timberland's?

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Long story short, I was at a party and my timberlands got wrecked from alcohol spillages and god knows what else. What should I do?

Here's a picture of them, the other boot is just as bad....


I have already been into a dry cleaners and they said they can't clean them from how bad they are. I just don't wanna give up as they are only a month old...

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Hadn't even gone out 'drinking' really, so I cannot blame it on that. We were at a village hall quiz night when one of the other members of the team knocked his glass over. Had I stayed put it would have just hit my clothes, but I instinctively I jumped my chair back and the wine ran off the table onto the floor and splashed up all over my boots. 

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Steps for cleaning timberland boots with baking soda. Step 1: remove the laces. Step 2: remove the insole. Step 3: remove the dirt through dry brushing. Step 4: clean the outsoles. Step 5: clean the upper. Step 6: clean the insoles. Step 7: rub it in with a toothbrush. Step 8: leave it for 30 minutes. Step 9: wipe off using a dry cloth. Step 10: remove the residue.

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