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Key cutting machine advice

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We are looking at getting a mortice key cutting machine and I'm just after a bit of advice


What are the dual machines like (cylinder and mortice)?


We are currently running the Bianchi keyline easy cylinder machine, this is a great machine and touch wood we've never had a single issue with it.


The Mortice machine we have been offered is a RST MK2 TM1011 and I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with this machine?


Thanks in advance

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mk 11 is the mortice machine i started with, got a keyline rs 206 now. wish i still had the mk11.


Be aware that the dual machines dont cut side wards which accounts for about 20% of the mortice keys I cut


lots of people say the lancer is best but i have no experience with the lancer so cannot pass judgment on it




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think ive used a jakey mk 2 for years  its like a  favorite pair of shoes  (you just slip into it ) so to speak . the other day  I was visiting a friend  he got busy with a while you wait , so I steped in to cut 2 keys for him  the cylinder key was fine , but I'm afraid I couldn't get the hang of the lancer( too set in my ways I suppose)

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Quick update


Thanks for all the responses, we've discounted the multi machine and are now looking between the RST mk 2 and the Lancer Plus.


It looks like the Lancer plus is a very well liked machine however its cost might be a bit steep for the volume of mortice keys we get asked for.


Most suppliers will be able to offer some form of leasing option if you don't want to buy it for 1 full payment.

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Interesting to read other established key cutters opinons here.

I have a sturdy solid Ilco Rigel for cutting my cylinder keys, while a Tempest in the van for quick 'on the job' extras.

Looking around for the Jakey as it seems to be called although as a RST TM1011 seems to be its makers reference from cotilneykeyscouk

Not really interested in another dual machine as these are either like the Tempest needing to change cutters or restrictive on what the mortice side can cut.

I am workshop based and a mobile locksmith, no retail sales, looking for a dedicated mortice and ward cutting machine on the used market to add to what I have.

Most of my clients are commercial or managing agents that are after lock changes, (mainly cylinders), with lots of keys required for the residents and such like.

Have had some good support from others in the industry, willing to share experiences and advice.

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I now have a Jakey, solid heavy tool, working well with that at my base for the mortice keys, while my Ilco Rigel a study machine for cylinder keys.

That Tempest was a tiny machine in comparison and just right for tucking in the van to get the odd cylinder key cut whilst on the job.

Been offered another mortice machine, looked at first glance the same make as the Orion Rigel.

Otherwise its finding certain blanks...

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