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Silca Lancer Plus playing up

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I'm having some issues with my Silca Lancer Plus, the switch on the handle is now only working intermittently, ever third or fourth key i have to spin the blade then it works.


I was thinking of just re-wiring the power cord into the machine and using the on/off switch at the front but was wondering if this handle switch is a replaceable part.


I've rang 2 different Silca suppliers today with no definite answer. I see SKS do a replacement micro switch but i do not have an account with them so was after an answer here before i went any further.


All advice appreciated.



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I have had a similar problem with my bravo pro the blade was slow to spin. I changed the capictior on the machine. Worked a dream. The part only cost a 10er it might be that.


I'm with you, sounds like Capacitor to me. The motor can't pull enough power to start.


If you rewire the power button on the bottom to bypass the handle/trigger and see if it still happens.

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