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Contactless payment changes

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About a month ago I got a letter from Worldpay, saying more contactless payments will be phoned through. For my sins, Did not really pay much attention to the letter, but did notice this will cost me more. However since I got back from my hols, nearly all contactless payments are being phoned through. This really seems like a big step back, making contactless just like any other card payment. Customers are inconvenienced and transactions taking longer.

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I still get loads refuse to use it, bit like when they changed from signature to chip and pin!!


Does seem a big step backwards when contactless payments USP was speed and convenience!!

I haven't had one not authorise yet and have to call the customer back, should be fun when it happens!!

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People stuck in their ways.

A lot of the bad press about cards being vulnerable to thieves with special machines, even when I explain that shouldn't stop them from using contactless in a shop as I'm not stealing from them, it's out it public places if anywhere, that they can be exploited, makes no difference!!

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