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Love some customer's,.

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over the last three or four weeks, we've had a call and more off of one customer with the intention of a Memorial plaque for his son. So obviously treating him 'gently' as the thought of losing one's son is awful.

He came into my shop on Saturday and I spent 'another' 30 minutes discussing how he wanted it etc;


The best part of this is he and his son are part of a club which I supply all the  Memorial plaque's which are all the same size color and all are displayed  at the club on some wall they have.

Now to you all thinking how sad, the next bit of this story is - the guy in control of layout and plaque placement called in today and also had the same 'story' and all at the club feeling sorry for him treating him to 'free' tea etc - told me that this weekend he had been over to the club and he asked him the simple question on when he would like to order it - Bizarrely the 'customer' said anytime in the next 30 years!

Well you can imagine the horror, the customer then went on to say, he was leaving this in his will and wanted it all in place for the future..?

No more free tea then.



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