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Good with mechanical things & uPVC locks

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Anybody good with mechanical things? I am trying to find the best way to detect the locked or unlocked state of a multi point uPVC door lock (or the euro cylinder itself). Like a uPVC version of Chubb 3G114E. Obviously a microswitch is probably the answer - but where to place it and how?

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Are you wanting to detect the handle up movement only or the physical locking of the cylinder? It would depend a lot on the mechanism, if the key throws the bolt you could have a switch on the bolt keep but anything else would need a switch in the gearbox itself. If you only wanted to detect the handle up movement then you could possibly place a switch somewhere along the strip.

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My question would be WHY. What are you trying to achieve, how will it be powered ? Will it fit all gearboxes in all backsets ?.


Seems a strange thing to be doing, you could always replace the mechanism with a self closing one without the need for switches and indicators.


Hi Graham - it's no stranger than the Chubb 3G114E and the use case is exactly the same - being able to check from either an alarm panel or a simple 9v battery powered LED the locked/unlocked state of a set of uPVC doors. How many times do you check yours at night before being reassured they are in fact, locked? You can't tell just from looking at them.

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Not Mains must be 12 or 24V and it is possible to run cable through the channel on a UPVc door I do it every week, I also have a drill to go front to back on composite and wooden doors and I have never seen a chubb lock motorised- I have seen them with a shunt switch in them to activate the alarm in which case it has no power in it just a make/break connection by a micro switch. Taylor Locks make motorised locks and even a motorised spindle, See the last LASM for a motorised cylinder.

You can also run a cable around the eurogroove and then cap it with a eurogroove capping running the cable behind the MPL -

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When I said mains I meant not a 9v battery as mentioned.


Hi Graham. The 9v battery was simply an example I wouldn't get hung up on it. If I was able to fit a microswitch somewhere inside the keep or mech, I could make a very simple circuit to light an LED using a 9V battery. That was all I meant.  I think you'd be able to do the same thing with the Chubb mortice lock. I see no reason why you couldn't wire it up to a custom circuit instead of an alarm panel.

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Old post but I’ve done exactly this.

I too wanted to know if the UPVC door was shut and locked, not just closed or handle up. It’s all about knowing if the door is secure which is a completely valid requirement.

one door was easy - the bolt moves across  when you lock it, so mounted a micro switch in the frame connected to a modified zigbee xiaomi aqara door sensor.

Another door was not so easy.  In the end I did it by drilling a small hole in the sliding part of the mechanism that moves when It locks, then mounting (interference fit + glue) a 90degree bent nail that moves towards the frame.

then a similar micro switch in the frame again soldered to a modified xiaomi aqara to detect the nail movement.  Tips for anyone trying to repeat this:

- mechanical and electronic skills required!

- get the door mechanical bits super reliable before you try mounting the micro switch.

- micro Jst connector pairs are cheap on eBay and a great way to keep all the soldering on the workbench.

-control your swarf when drilling e.g. with masking tape. don’t let it fall into the lock mechanism

-take the opportunity to regrease your lock

have fun!







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