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Going cold turkey.

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From next week, due to platform extensions at the station my shop is at, trains won't be stopping for three weeks. Passing Footfall will drop from 30/40 thousand a day, to zero. Revenue will drop by about 70%, possibly.. My shop is Fairly stocked, and I really have to watch spending. But I really, really want to do some ordering. But I know I mustn't. I getting the shakes just looking at catalogues and websites.

Role on September.

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traditionaly this time of year business collapses  ( the 6 week slump )  every year I try not to take it  personaly  I still do I always take 10 days off  at this time of year  not missing anything after all  in fact so far its not been to bad ive tydyed up  found loads of stock too so I'm not spending anything, machines  emptied floor swept ( properly for once ) ive even geen tinkering with a k  and b outsoler I bought a while  ago , and I must say  its stitching great

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Building work well underway. Despite customers having to go past these signs, and the black Knight, to get to my shop at platform 7/8, they are still coming. Just no passing trade. Two types, old school, who've used me in the past or been recommended me, or new school, who've just googled me.I'm Really catching up on my Netflix.

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