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How to deal with miscellaneous dimple keys

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When a customer comes in with a cheap Chinese Yale key that you don't have a blank for, the first port of call is to try 1A or universal blanks. We're finding it much harder with dimple keys.


Occasionally, people come in with unusual dimple keys that our Triax doesn't recognise. We have a Hurricane, but I never know which blanks to use for obscure dimples. To me, they all look (more or less) the same.


I've attached a picture of a Spanish key, for example. They're manufactured by these guys gdkdankami.com, but I'd much rather find a solution that doesn't require me to go via a Spanish manufacturer who is bound to shut throughout August.


Are there any tips and tricks, or even any universal-type dimple blanks out there that can be used in these cases?


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Silca WJ1R is my first go to key blank there are a few new cards for these on the latest Triax update but i use the Magnum to cut them some we have to shorten to length as they don't line up from the tip.


We seem to be seeing some new type of dimple key every other week, the annoying thing is most need a new cutter we don't have (and i have 22 cutters so far) even if the blanks are available.

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